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Keep your independence and be part of a larger organization.

Helping you provide independent audiology within optometry

We share your passion for independence and the importance you place on patient care.

Sound & Vision: The perfect combination

At Amplify, we realize that sound and vision is the perfect combination. Uniquely, we support independent optometry practices with independent audiologists. We provide our optometry partners with a tailored, turn-key hearing care solution to ensure patients receive unrivaled hearing healthcare. Being independent means we can provide the very best hearing solutions at the best prices, to reconnect people across the world.

Simultaneously, we provide optometry practices with an additional revenue source.

Amplified support for you as an optometry partner

Supporting independent businesses is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we tailor our support to help you every step of the way, and most importantly, to help you stay focused on what you’re best at and passionate about – running your practice.

We’re reinventing independent audiology for independent optometrists

We aim to build lasting relationships with our partners and understand that adding value is a two-way street. We deliver on our promises to our optometry partners to provide training, visibility, communication and vision. That’s why we already have over 200 practice partners.

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Amplified Joint Ventures:
It all starts with a vision

Our vision is built around a passionate culture of continuous and never-ending improvement, with a partner led strategy that successfully builds long term potential for our Joint Venture Partners (JVPs). We constantly look to offer better support services to our partners, practice teams, and ultimately to our patients – and that’s what makes us best-in-class.

If your vision as an audiologist is to run your own business and reap financial rewards, with the benefits of training and back office support, (i.e. clinical expertise, accountancy, marketing, HR, commercial negotiators and more), come on the journey with us.

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We’re turning up the volume on audiology

We don’t believe in one size fits all, which is why when you become an Amplify Joint Venture Partner you can be sure that we’ll match you with the right opportunity. In fact, our experienced team has a 100% track record of getting this marriage right.

Every one of our joint venture partners has enjoyed an attractive profit every year they’ve been with us. And, as a testament to how much they value their partnership with Amplify, some have invited their friends and family to join us too.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to be an Amplify Joint Venture Partner, and you’re passionate about providing the very best in clinical hearing health care, please get in touch.

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